Pewter Owl Pendant by St Justin


Pewter Owl Pendant by St Justin

Pewter Owl Pendant by St Justin

Owl pendant – a beautifully detailed pewter owl pendant in the style of a Greek Owl with spiral eyes. Comes on an 18″ tin plated trace chain.

In the western world owls are commonly believed to be a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. In Greek mythology the owl was said to represent or accompany Athena the virgin goddess of wisdom.

Spirals can be traced back 7000 years, developing from observing natural examples in shells and plants. Clockwise and anticlockwise spirals represent the inner and outer evolution of the spirit respectively. In relation to the seasonal calendar these relate to the winter and summer, the year being polarised into light and dark seasons. In Celtic belief this translates to the theme in which one always moves from the darkness into the light.

Width: 16mm Height: 25mm

Supplied in a satin lined and recyclable gift box.

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